Published : 2021-08-25
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The leather used for the REHARD bags is a particularly resistant cowhide leather. This refined type of leather reveals, even after treatment, veins and irregularities, which make it naturally authentic and natural.
The main feature of natural cowhide is that over time it gains beauty and shine.
If you want to maintain the effect you can ask to us the Cream Kit that will help you in protecting your bag from external agents, safeguarding the softness of the leather and the uniqueness of the product.
The cream is used to finish each accessory of the brand and over the years, its characteristics and parfume have become a distinctive element of the brand.

Please watch the video tutorial to find out how to use it accurately.

- Do not apply the cream on fabric and suede.
- Use the green cloth on the no-logo side.
- Cowhide leather is very easy to clean, simply brush it with a damp cloth to make out its color and shine.
- For conserving it is recommended to keep the bag in a dry place and away from sunlight as the sun's rays may change the color of the bag.
- Do not leave your bag in contact with moisture for a long time and do not use any type of detergent to wash it.
- After prolonged disuse of the bag, use a cotton or wool dry cloth over the leather to restore its beauty and shine.

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