We are convinced that the artistic research is a journey through time and space, discovering colors, flavors and emotions that surface and merge with a distinctive modern style, which evokes a specific historical moment or place.

Communicative power and uniqueness are the basis of the sensory investigation of these ‘fashion poets’, who guides us on a journey through the soul, leaving their creations as imprints of their path.

Our project is, in fact, a constant search for innovation in finishing and in look. The craftsman-like attention to detail that distinguishes our products from those of competitors is our brand name’s guarantee of high quality.

Rehard wants to create a community of people that can reflect themselves into the soul of the product. The passion for travelling, the distressed look of the garments, the soberly chic attention to detail are what our followers search in our products.

The passion for travelling, the adventurer’s spirit who ventures into the unknown only to discover their true essence, the vintage style of our products, the beat and spiritualism of the modern globetrotter are the common denominator of our fans.

Each collection is a journey into the past, seen with the eyes of today.

We are not a vintage brand, but we do like the vintage style and the respect of past memories, as knowledge and understanding of the very most basic and universal human values.

We do like people who appreciate the finer things in life but who enjoys adventures, new discoveries and roads less travelled. A men who likes to distinguish himself from the masses without being weirdo. A women who enhance her natural beauty thanks to her sophisticated life and way of thinking. It features a distinct bold spirit, a certain rhythm, curiosity and freedom, in line with an explorer’s natural lifestyle and disposition for all things magical and stimulating.

We’d like to think that Rehard is not just a style, but rather a way of life.

Rehard is a brand with a soul and people who choose to wear it, are part of it.