How to buy

How to buy

Purchase on is very quick and easy. 

To browse our catalogue, select one of the sections that you will find above on the main page: Bags, Accessories and Promo.

When you find a product you are interested in, you can get more information about the item by clicking on the image. In this way, you will open the product page, that allows you to examine the item in detail, before adding it to your cart. This page contains the information regarding features, composition and price. Once you've selected the quantity and the color you desire, you have to click on add to cart, in order to add the product to your shopping cart. 

At the top right corner of the page will appear your cart window. Clicking on the "cart" button, a drop-down menu will appear and show you the details of your selected item (name of the item, size, quantity).
From here, you may choose go to the cart page, to have a complete overview of your order and to go to then to secure check-out page.

If you choose to continue shopping, you may always access your cart by clicking on it. All the items you place in your cart can be displayed and deleted at any time. 

When you have finished shopping, click the check-out button from the drop-down cart menu.

Before to proceed with the purchase of your items, you should register your own account: please fill in the blank, step by step.

Please, make sure that all information you give are correct before to confirm your account.

If you have any problem entering and confirming the order, do not hesitate to contact is writing to